een impressie van de haven
It is situated in the town of Zadar. WeIl protected from wind, it is a safe haven. Open: All year round.
Berths: The marina bas 300 berths and 200 boat places on land. Allberths have wate~c~nd power

Reception, exchange office, restaurant, snack bar, nautical gear shop, great capacity ice- box, toilets and showers, parking lot with garages, rent-a-car, repair shop, 6.5 Mp and 15 Mp cranes, automatic 50 Mp slipway.

.Itis next to the airport~lhas good flry connections with all major ports ~~d islands, as weIl as with.Italy (Ancona).
Marina Zadar 44° 07'12" N 15° 14'00" E
de faciliteiten die in de havens aanwezig zijn
It lies northwest of the centre of Zadar, operating within Borik Hotel Company, whichhas five hotelswith 510 rooms and a camping. Open: AII year round.
Berths: Tbe marina bas 220 berths and 50 boat places on land. All berths have water and power supp
Facilities: Reception, exchange office, café, toilets and showers, own beach, tennis courts, mini golf, fitness, repair shop, 5 t crane, slip, 40 t autocrane. In the vicinity there is a bank; shops, private restaurants and apartments. Tbe gas station is 1 Nm away.
The marina is 3.5 km trom the centre ofZadar and 13.5 km trom the airport. Zadar bas not only good raad and air connections but also ferry lines with all main Croatian ports and islands, as weIl as with Italy (Ancona).
Marina Borik 44° 07,54' N 15° 12,36' E