Grand Soleil 45

2 IMS World Championships, 3 IMS European Championships, 3 IMS Italian Championships, 2 times winner at the Copa del Rey and also the Fastnet Race; these are the results of our yachts during the last 3 years in the most challenging and prominent regattas in Europe.
Cantiere del Pardo clearly realizes that a high level regatta provides the best test-bed for materials, the study of sail plans, positioning and sizing of deck hardware, the hydrodynamic tuning of all immersed appendages and the ideal calculation and dimension of the keel. The results obtained by Grand Soleil represent, without reserve, the quality of the work achieved.
Frequently in a regatta one must maneuver not only against the competition but also into steep waves and with maximum sail, or under spinnaker with high sustained winds, all this for many hours or even days during a long distance race. In one year of racing the yacht will have been stressed and subjected to extreme loads over a lengthy period of time, forces that cruising yachts will never experience in their whole existence.
All the best projections, technical solutions, the hardware that has guaranteed our results in these european regattas and has managed all conditions of wind and sea are found in our Grand Soleil 45’.
The hull lines, a product of Rolf Vrolijk (designer of “Alinghi” the victor of the last America’s Cup) are of the latest IMS/IRC generation. The sail plan is based on a large mainsail and small overlapping genoa in order to reduce crew size. The ergonomic placement of deck hardware is geared towards both cruising and racing. The control lines running under the low profile coachroof and the recessed dodger define a clean and unobstructed deck without clutter and subsequent danger for the crew.
The Grand Soleil 45’, in synthesis represents: performance, livability, seaworthiness and comfort.
All this in one yacht, the fruit of 30 years of production for Cantiere del Pardo always with the objective to study, explore and test under extreme conditions, construction, materials, techniques and sail plans transferring these to your Grand Soleil in order to simplify and ensure safe voyaging.
Recently launched, the Grand Soleil 45’ has proven its potential winning the most important regatta in France, “Spi Ouest France” (4 firsts and one second place), the North Sea Championship (IMS) and “Cowes-Dinard”.

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