Sun Odessey 34.2

Charter rent yacht Grecce, The Sun Odyssey 34.2, with a perfomance hull design balanced by a safe deck layout is a comfortable at anchor as indoor way. Perfectly balanced helm, steady in a breeze... Thanks to its well designed and shapely hull, the SUN ODYSSEY 34.2 is a true ocean sailor.
With its purely elegant lines from the desk of Jacques Faurox,the SUN ODYSSEY 34,2 perfectly illustrates Jeanneaus's cruising philosophy: lots of room on deck, spacious cockpit, control lines led to the companionway, stern platform, lots of ventilation... All of the qualities that come with the JEANNEAU star, the symbol of real sailboats.

To be sure, the SUN ODYSSEY 34.2 is unlike any other sailboat. Come on board and be convinced. Teak woodwork in the JEANNEAU tradition complements an exceptional open-feel saloon, with attractive use of space that is at the same time practical, at dock or under way.

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