Sir Robert

The Ship

The SIR ROBERT BADEN POWELL was built in Magdeburg 1957 as the tugboat „ROBERT“. 1991 Karsten Börner bought the „Robert“, not that Mr. Börner had no other choice, but he knew that tugboats are very strong vessels and especially
the favourable lines of the „Robert“ were strong arguments for the reconstruction. That this decision was right show the good sailingqualities
of the Sir Robert Baden Powell, which were prooft in several regattas. The traditionally rigged Baltimore-Clipper with the elegant lines is always nice to look at.
Named after the founder of the boy-scout movement, the Sir Robert Baden Powell sails since March 1993 the
Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the Carribean. The SIR ROBERT has not only served as a diving center
but also on whale-watching tours and was used by the German automobile club ADAC and the radio station
Bayrischer Rundfunk as basis for water-quality-checkson the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

The big sun-deck is the right place for sun-lovers, who prefers a bit more shade will like the sun-sail mitship. The wooden benches are not only comfotable, they also contain the diving-equipment. A popular meeting-point for the sundowner is the new decksbar and at the rear further benches invite you to sit down and watch
the skipper while sailing. When the weather permits, meals can be served here at the big folding table.
The SIR ROBERT BADEN POWELL is built as a dive center including all the equipment like lead, scubas, ABC-equipment and a comressor fur „the fresh air under water“. Also windsurfing and water-skiing are possible and the necessary equipment is on board. Help at the manoeuvres, by steering and the nightwatches is always
appreciated, but it`s not necessary as this is your holiday...

The cabins are now modified into:
4 cabins with a double bed (+ one if needed),
shower and toilet
2 honeymoon double
1 twin cabin
all cabins with aircondition, hatch or porthole,
sink, towels and sheets
store with washing machine and tumble dryer
fully equipped kitchen with electrical stove,
refrigerator, deep freezer and dishwasher


Length: 42 m
Width: 6,50 m
Draught: 3 m

Hight of mast : 29 m
Surface of sails : 600 qm

Register: Holland
Passangers: maximum 18
Crew: 5 and 1-2 diveguides
Engine: 300 hp
2 electrical aggregates
20000 liters freshwatertank
electricity on board: 220 Volt

UKW-radio, satelite-telephon and
-fax, KW-radio
Navigation: Navtex, GPS, Radar, Echolot
Safety: The ship is equipped meeting the modern
international standards. The Ship is build after
the latest international Security for Passangersships.
Life-rafts and -vests, dinky, Epirb, Sart and automatical
radio-buoys, GMDSS


The Sir Robert is a topsail schooner in the style of the American “Baltimore Clipper”. These clippers were fast manoeuvrable sailing-ships which were used as blockade-runners during the time of the American War of Independence because of their speed and nimbleness. Later they were used for opium smuggling, the slave trade and for piracy.
The Sir Robert is rigged according to the style of that time. She offers those who are interested in the “trade” of sailing, ample opportunity to gather experience in sailing techniques, navigation and seamanship.In our annual programme, we offer various trips with different main focuses.
On our twice yearly Atlantic crossings with stages of different lengths, emphasis is placed on practical experience in astro-navigation, meteorology, routing and, of course, collecting sea miles.For those who are interested in competition, sailing precision, manoeuvring with tallships, and in classical sailing ambience, the ideal place to be at the “Antigua Classics Tallship Regatta” and the “Heineken Regatta” is on board the Sir Robert.On the other hand, those who would like to sail in a relaxed way, (but not too wild and not too long, ) combined with a varied programme on land - with leisure time on the beach , beach BBQs, swimming, snorkelling or diving, we recommend our one- or two-week sailing trips in the Caribbean and on the Balearic Islands.Sailing on the Sir Robert can be an active and intensive holiday experience in which you have to join in the work – however, it can just as well be a purely passive looking-on-and-experiencing holiday where sailing is explained and made understandable when desired.

Vaarprogramma 2012





Mei - Jun 2012

Ibiza & Mallorca

28 Apr - 5 Mei 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Ibiza & Formentera

6 - 13 Mei 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Ibiza & Formentera

15 - 20 Mei 2012

Mallorca van/naar

21 - 28 Mei 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Menorca & Mallorca

28 Mei - 3 Jun 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Ibiza & Formentera

5 - 10 Jun 2012

Mallorca van/naar

11 - 17 Jun 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Ibiza & Formentera

17 - 24 Jun 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Ibiza & Formentera

24 - 28 Jun 2012

Oversteek Mallorca - Nizza

Jun - Jul 2012

Cote d`Azur Frankreich

29 Jun - 6 Jul 2012

Nizza van/naar
Cote d'Azur

7 - 14 Jul 2012

Nizza van/naar
Cote d'Azur

Jul - Sep 2012

Korsika & Sardinien

15 - 25 Jul 2012

Nizza - Olbia
Korsika Westkust & Sardinien

26 Jul - 2 Aug 2012

Olbia van/naar
Sardinien & Korsika Westkust

3 - 10 Aug 2012

Olbia van/naar
Sardinien & Korsika Westkust

11 - 21 Aug 2012

Olbia van/naar
Sardinien & Korsika Westkust

22 Aug - 1 Sep 2012

Olbia - Calvi
Sardinien & Korsika Westkust

1 - 11 Sep 2012

Calvi - Olbia
Korsika Westkust & Sardinien

13 - 20 Sep 2012

Olbia van/naar
Sardinien & Korsika

20 - 22 Sep 2012

Oversteek Sardinien - Mallorca

Sep - Nov 2012

Mallorca & Ibiza & Menorca

23 - 29 Sep 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Menorca & Mallorca

30 Sep - 7 Okt 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Menorca & Mallorca

8 - 14 Okt 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Ibiza & Formentera

15 - 21 Okt 2012

Mallorca van/naar
Ibiza & Formentera

22 - 28 Okt 2012

Mallorca Ibiza&Formentera